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"This group is remarkably talented, well
organized, and extremely personable."
--Mary Honeyman,
Kaw Mission State Historic
Add the
excitement of
live music to
your event!
"The biggest pleasure we've had here at the Emma Chase Friday Night Pickin's is watching
the growth of individual musicians.  Perhaps that pleasure is only amplified when some of the
best musicians group together to become something truly special.  Such is the case of
Tallgrass Express."
--Sue and Monty Smith, Emma Chase Cafe,  Cottonwood Falls
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  • Tallgrass Express is a "Reason We Love
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Annie Wilson
was named
"Flint Hills Balladeer"
by the Kansas Dept of
Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
on January 11, 2013, for her
"honorable endeavors to share the
beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills
through words and music, to
inspire an abiding love for the
Kansas Flint Hills, and to enhance
and elevate the quality of life for
those who call the Flint Hills home."
With lyrical vocals and classic string band style, this group will
take you to a world of stunning landscapes, western romance
and humor, skilled cowboys and spunky cowgirls, runaway
horses, Indian buffalo hunts, old trail days, and lovely prairie
walks among native birds, mammals, grasses and wildflowers.
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Express on
Tallgrass Express String Band has never let
us down and has always exceeded our
expectations...It is a real treat for visitors and
the staff alike to have this high caliber group
play for our historic barn dances.  Everyone
looks forward to the events.
--Heather Brown, Tallgrass Prairie National
Formed in 2004, Tallgrass Express is a truly regional band, staying close to their roots and
performing mainly at community events in the Flint Hills region.

Their mission is to provide local entertainment, and through their recordings, share with a
broader audience their celebration of the beauty and wonder of the Kansas Flint Hills and its
ranching culture.  

The band has recorded four CDs, including a unique album series of 46 all-original Songs
from the Kansas Flint Hills.  The 2014 double-CD album of 30 songs, entitled: "Sky & Water,
Wind & Grass" follows the 2010 "Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky."  

In addition to their original songs about the land and life of the Flint Hills, they perform fast-
driving old timey and bluegrass favorites, folk ballads, Western swing tunes, beautiful Celtic
melodies, early American gospel hymns, and beloved Cowboy and Western standards.
Tallgrass Express tailors programs to fit each audience.

In historic western dress, they share their musical skills on fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, guitar
and bass and specialize in lyrical vocals and harmonies.  Concerts include brief stories on the
background of songs, humorous observations on rural life today, and frequent references to
the heritage, land and culture of their home, the tallgrass prairie of the Kansas Flint Hills.

It's all delivered with a sparkle they hope shows how much they enjoy making and sharing their
music with others.

With over 300 performances, their experience includes community festivals and concerts,
gallery openings, historical events, organization dinners, parties, weddings and receptions,
church programs, and dances.  Their Roving Music is a regular feature at the Symphony in the
Flint Hills.

Founding member Annie Wilson says, “We feel incredibly lucky to live amidst the splendor and
wide open spaces of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie.  Through our music, we celebrate this land
and its people.”
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The music of Annie Wilson and the Tallgrass Express
is a treasure of Kansas and the Flint Hills."  
--Bob Workman, founding Director,
Flint Hills Discovery Center
This band is the real deal; their
music rises from the land they
love. --
Cheryl Unruh, Emporia
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