Tallgrass Express Comes Back - 2007
Some original songs - bolded below
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  1.  Corner Post - by Annie Wilson
2. Little Old Sod Hut - tradl adapted by L. Ratzloff
3. Pickaway - by Vic Jordan & Gladys Flatt
4. Indian Cowboy - by Joe Ely
5. Gathering the Wild Horses-by Annie Wilson
6. Night Rider's Lament - by Michael Burton
7. Scuffalong - by Charlie Laughridge (instrumental)
8. Black Pony - by Marshall Wilburn
9. Eyes of My Mind - by Annie Wilson
10. Evelina - by Buck Graves & Josh Lambert
11. Sweet Years - by Annie Wilson
12. Kemo Kimo - tradl, adapted C. Laughridge
13. Ballad of Stiller Ben - by Annie Wilson
14. Miss McCloud's / Kansas Aristocracy-trad'l
15. Grin Lines - by Annie Wilson
16. Morpeth Rant - traditional
17. Roving Gambler / Blue Jay - traditional
Charlie Laughridge -
lead & harmony vocals, fiddle,
mandolin, and concertina
Loren Ratzloff -
harmony vocals, banjo,
dobro, and mandolin
Annie Wilson -
lead & harmony vocals,
and guitar
Tallgrass Express - 2007:  
Loren, Annie, and Charlie
Band photos by:  
Emily Wilson
Also featuring
Carole Brown
on bass
Musicians on Tallgrass Express Comes Back - 2007
Tallgrass Express Comes Back was produced during a period when the band performed as a trio, and they were joined on this
recording by the very talented Carole Brown, then of Matfield Green, on the bass.

This CD emphasizes
superior instrumentation by Charlie and Loren, such as in their hauntingly beautiful "Niel Gow's Lament."
Loren's banjo absolutely flies in "Pickaway," and his interpretation of "Black Pony" and "Kemo Kimo" are classic.  He also has a
dobro rendition of "Evelina," and contributes another wonderful dobro backup on the great Joe Ely's circus story "Indian

Charlie's natural vocal talent shines on the classic "Night Rider's Lament" and "Roving Gambler" - may be the best you've ever
heard!  And his humorous interpretation of "Little Old Sod Hut" - Loren's "Kansafied" version of an early Carter family song - is both
skillful and lots of fun.     

The album contains seven original songs:  a wonderful instrumental "Scuffalong" by Charlie Laughridge, and six new vocal songs by
Annie's original songs range from the fast action of "Gathering the Wild Horses to the poignant reminiscences of "Sweet
Years,"  and from the peaceful ode to the "Corner Post" in Flint Hills fences to the tragic (and true) family story of an early day
father of eleven who is murdered by river pirates.  In these songs, as well as her personal reflections on lost love ("Eyes of My
Mind") and growing older ("Grin Lines"), Annie is beginning to find her voice as a songwriter.  
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CD Original
Cover Art:
Stagecoach and
Grasses are by
Tallgrass Express
multi-talented fiddler
& artist:
Charlie Laughridge.
His scene pictures
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on the roof and
Annie inside the
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