Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky - 2010
(Volume 1)  Songs of the Kansas Flint Hills
All songs by Annie Wilson -
except "Home from the Z-Bar" by Charlie Laughridge
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1. Sail the Summer Sky
Lyrics & Photos
2. My Diamond Creek Cowboy
Lyrics & Photos
3. The Moon Can Take Me Home
Lyrics & Photos
4. Working Flint Hills Cowboy
Lyrics & Photos
5. Clean Curve of Hills Against Sky
Lyrics & Photos & Video
6. Big Bluestem:  King of the Prairie
Lyrics & Photos
7. Runaway Nell
Lyrics & Photos
8. Hot Summer Day
Lyrics & Photos
9. Night Out on the Prairie
Lyrics & Photos
10. Kaw Trail
Lyrics & Photos
11. Home from the Z-Bar (instrumental)
12. Getting a Count
Lyrics & Photos
13. Chase County Courthouse Ball of 1873
Lyrics & Photos
14. Flint Hills Billy
Lyrics & Photos
15. Stopping by the Homestead Ruins (song
contest winner)
Lyrics & Photos
16.  Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie
Lyrics & Photos & Video

Physical CD
(with 20 pg booklet)
Charlie Laughridge
on vocal harmonies, fiddle,
mandolin, harmonica, and
Loren Ratzloff
on vocal harmonies,
banjo, mandolin,
and dobro
Annie Wilson
on vocal leads &
harmonies, and guitar
Carl Reed
on vocal leads & harmonies,
bass, and guitar
This CD was selected
for sale and promotion by the
Symphony in the Flint Hills
"to heighten awareness of the value
of the Flint Hills as a force for
artistic inspiration."
ABOUT THIS ALBUM:  "Pure poetry...Describes the beauty of the
Flint Hills...Words and melodies that embody the landscape and bring the
Tallgrass Prairie to life," states Jim Hoy,
author of Flint Hills Cowboys.  
CD Package includes
Full Color Insert Booklet

with explanatory Album Notes and
Flint Hills photos to illustrate each
song + Resource Page of Flint Hills
Carl, Loren, Annie, Charlie - 2010
Musicians on
Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky
Flint Hills landscape - cover & inside:   
by Emily Wilson
CD Band photos by Brendy Muninger
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