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#3 Coyote Serenade
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2019   

VIDEO - Music Video slideshow with outstanding photos contributed by
Kansas wildlife photographers

Album Notes:  Coyotes play an important role in the tallgrass prairie
ecosystem as one of the few predators left - plus they sing!   People
who haven’t heard their wild choruses might not believe how crazy they
sound. We love it, and always welcome their evening songs that keep
us entertained year-around.  


A coyote sings his evening song
A haunting howl he bellows long
   While shadows on the hilltops fade
As sunset turns the prairie dark
Soon his mate begins to bark
   They start the coyote serenade   

It echoes down the trail a mile
She’s singin’ out - coyote style
   The finest song that nature plays
Points her head up to the sky
Sends her song out through the night
    She sings the coyote serenade

Oooo - ooo     Oooo - ooo     Oooo
Oooo - ooo     Oooo - ooo     Oooo

Next some yelps and little nips
As all her pups begin to yip        
   We hear the funny sounds they make
Howls and barks, cries and screams        
Conjure up the strangest dreams
    They sing the coyote serenade   

Then a glee club full of crazy cries
Ricochets across the sky
   It’s eerie but we’re not afraid
One single coyote sounds like ten
It’s prob’ly just a couple dens
   They sing the coyote serenade        


Their songs float out across the hills
Showin’ off their singin’ skills
   At closing of the prairie day
These wild dogs can sing a song
Makes you want to sing along
   They sing the coyote serenade


Then coyotes stop their wild jest
And settle down to take a rest
    Their chorus slowly fades away
As moonlight hits the meadow trail
One final melancholy wail
   Ends their coyote serenade         

Oooo - oooo
Photos by Annie Wilson