Disc B-7. Daisy, The Bottle Calf
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  Our daughters Katie, Emily & Julia each raised bottle calves
as 4-H projects, and in the process learned a lot both about hard work and
having fun.  I will never forget the many sweet and humorous episodes that
occurred between kid and calf.


We all loved little Daisy when yer Daddy brought her home
A precious tiny orphan calf that you would call your own
She-was frightened in the barn and so beside her you laid down
To warm and give her comfort til she was sleeping sound

Her big brown eyes were dreamy and her lashes long and full
Her legs were thin and knobby with their tiny little hooves
Her coat was soft and silky and it smelled like prairie hay
She leaned in close & shut her eyes as-you brushed her every day

You and Daisy -  round and around you’d go
A busy little pair of pals – both of you on the go
You’d lead her round the driveway – she’d pretty well lead you back
And  when you were done, you’d give her a hug
– your sweet little bottle calf

She grew fast on the milk you fed her every morn and night
Your 4-H leader helped you learn to care for her just right
Your voice was low and serious as you coached her for the fair
Then-she’d pull your wagon round the barn, we’d always find you there

 You and Daisy practiced at the fair for hours and hours
 You washed your little Daisy til she smelled just like a flower
 When it came your turn to show her she was good and didn’t budge
 You answered all the questions while you smiled at the judge  


The next year Daisy grew to be a heifer with the others
And in another year we saw that she became a mother
We’d walk out to the pasture and see her with her calf
She’d step out from the herd and amble over for a pat

 We still pass by your ribbon on the wall in your old room
 It makes us smile and think of Daisy’s year she spent with you
 There’s-just something ‘bout a little kid out playing with a calf
 That never fails to warm our hearts & makes us wanna laugh    

Photos by Annie Wilson
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