2.  Diamond Creek Cowboy
©  Anne B. Wilson 2010

Songnote: The picturesque Diamond Creek runs through a lovely, fertile
valley draining the high ridges of northwest Chase County.  It provides the
setting and extended metaphor for this little Flint Hills love story of a young
cowgirl and cowboy.


I first met my darling at the Diamond Creek Dance
And I trembled the first time that he held my hand
Then later we walked to the creek bank below
Where the moon shown like diamonds on the soft riffle flow

We walked to the bridge once right after a storm
With the creek water ragin, we stood by the shore
As he took off his hat, the wind pulled back my hair
In the flash of the lightning, he first kissed me there

My Diamond Creek darlin, he's waiting for me
Where the clear water flows 'neath the Cottonwood trees
I'm on my way home, to his sweet arms I'll go
He's my Diamond Creek cowboy, the one I love so

As we started out ridin one morning for strays
The risin sun sent out its first magic rays
They lit up the dewdrops like rubies and pearls
The pasture rock crystals were shimmering gold

We talked of the happiness our love could bring
He unsnapped his pocket and took out a ring
He said he was sorry the diamond was small
It's perfect, I said, and I love you, that's all       CHORUS

We gathered our families on the banks of the creek
Where the waterfall trickles its music so sweet
As the baby calves nuzzled the fat mother cows
We prayed to the hilltops and whispered our vows

Now the Diamond Creek flows past our own little ranch
In the green upland valley of the river's north branch
And our little ones splash in the shallows and pools
They sparkle in sunlight like diamonds and jewels       CHORUS
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