Disc A-14. The Drover’s Dream  
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  This song attempts to explain the many daily
challenges faced by the Flint Hills cowboy.  Told through the
sweet dream of a napping “drover,” it describes a world where
none of these problems exist—until he wakes up!


It’s late in the morning and the drover, he thinks
There’s a shade ‘neath that Cottonwood tree
Think I’ll get off my horse and catch a few winks
And my pony can rest in the breeze

He’d been ridin for hours and the drover he knew
When his mind took him down that sweet trail
There’d be pastures a’plenty where his troubles were few
And his cowboyin’ never would fail

            The drover he dreams in the color of green
            As he rides through the belly-deep grass
            Where baby calves play in the sweet-smellin sage
            And his fortune and luck always last

In his dreams, weeds are short and the grasses are tall
And the ponds and the creeks all stay full
The cattle are healthy and fat in the fall
And he won’t have to mess with a bull

The truck’s never late so he won’t have to wait
In the pens with the flies and the dust
His cinches stay tight and he’s home before night
And his horse trailer’s not full of rust     


The wind doesn’t switch when he’s burnin his grass
And the water-gaps never wash out
All the fences stay tight and the lightnin won’t strike
And there’s no such a thing as a drought
There’s never sick critters, and there ain’t no outlaws
And the gatherin pen’s cool and shady
And his mare keeps her footin and won’t trip and fall
And she always behaves like a lady    


Then he wakes and of course things are fine til his horse -
Throws a shoe on the way to his truck
Where he’s got two flat tires but only one spare –
Guess his dreams used up all his good luck!
Photo by Ron Klataske
Except where noted, photos by Annie and John Wilson
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