Disc B-11. Flower of the Sun
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  Do we have the most beautiful, hardy, awesome
state flower, or what!  I love sunflowers, especially how they grow
anywhere and everywhere.  They’re like Kansans:  they are
beautiful, there are many different kinds, and they are tough!


In the final days of summer when fall is near at hand
You’ll see a sweet explosion burst out upon the land
A million yellow flowers are shining like the sun
To brighten up the prairie before the season’s done

 She’s our Sunflower, our flower made of gold
 Our wild sunflower, she won’t be bought or sold        
 The summer sun is shining in every single one
 She’s a circle made of sunbeams, our flower of the sun

She’ll stand up to the windstorm , survive a summer drought
She’s pretty as the prairie, but tough as all get-out
Nobody has to plant her, she’ll grow up anywhere
And turn roadsides into gardens with her blooms so fair


There is worth in every life, in plants and people, too
And what to some might be a weed to others is a jewel
This common flow’r reminds us:  in every living thing
A treasure lies before us, if only we would see

Photos by Annie Wilson
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