Disc A-4.  Freedom Must Prevail
©Words and music by Carl Reed 1995

Album Note:  Carl’s song lyrics combine the ferocious sense of justice that
fired Kansas’ early abolitionist movement with the deep Christian faith on
which it was based.  In his rousing melody line and lead vocal, he stirs the
spirit while telling the fascinating story of the “Beecher Bible & Rifle Colony”
that settled in Wabaunsee county in 1855.


The bibles and the rifles were a gift from Henry Beecher
Folks would come from far and wide to hear that famous preacher
He said "There’s an evil in the land, and goodness must not fail"
So it’s west to bleeding Kansas, where freedom must prevail

  Freedom must prevail all across the land
  Freedom must prevail, its here we take our stand
  So we kneel beside our wagons with a prayer for the trail
  And a vision bright as angels that freedom must prevail

Through scorching summer sun and winter storm we ride together
Hardships, they will come and go, but justice is forever
Up ahead we’ll build the dream with a chisel, saw and nail
A sturdy house of worship where freedom will prevail    CHORUS

Now limestone walls rise straight & true & shelter all God’s people
And the message that we carried grew, & rings out from the steeple
Liberty rides on the wind and old folks tell the tale
How all across this mighty land now freedom did prevail   CHORUS  
Photos and documents courtesy of
Kansas State Historical Society.
Beecher Bible & Rifle Church
Waubaunsee County
Church Founder, Henry Ward Beecher
(brother to Harriet Beecher Stowe,
author of
Little Tom's Cabin)
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