Gathering the Wild Horses – © Annie Wilson 2007

Album Note:  This is about a time I helped gather yearlings off
some wild mustangs adopted into Kansas from Nevada.  It was a
hair-raising and memorable.


Up to the hilltop then west at a lope
Down to the draw and up the next slope
We’re after the mustangs on the ridge far away
To bring in the yearlings this cool autumn day

The tall grasses tremble in the October breeze
My horse snorts and jumps as he shows his unease
The air holds their wildness, their hooves print the ground
We must be approaching and soon they’ll be found

     Across the last meadow and now we are near
     Upwind on the hillside they graze without fear
     The wind shifts and quickly they hold their heads high
     Legs bend and stiffen and off they do fly

The stallion ahead, mares and colts by his side                
And two hardy yearlings on flank at his right
Ebony muscles all red-edged and black
Fluid and running and not holdin back

     To the blue ridged horizon escape they do go
     Trace over the rimrock across the plateau
     We follow behind them at such rate of speed
     We pray that this won’t be the last day we see

     Three hours later they’re in the corral
     The stallion still prancing his mane long and wild
     He turns and I see deep down into his eyes
     Their threatening innocence there crystallized
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