Grin Lines - © Annie Wilson 2007

Album Notes:  Time is the ultimate journey,
and as I see the "footprints of emotion" on my
face, they remind me of all the years - hard
and easy - I've been blessed to have on this


Every time we smile
Each time that we feel pain
A tiny record of the way
We felt then will remain

These footprints of emotion
That decorate our face
Are evidence of living
This life that we embrace

     Grin lines show our laughter
     Grin lines show our tears
     They show the world the life
     We’ve lived in all our years

     We wear those lines with pride
     They show we can survive
     The love and loss, the joy and fear
     That make us feel alive

The sunlight and the wind
From days we spent outside
Have etched a pattern on our face
Of lines around our eyes

The best times of our lives
Are in that sweet design
The fresh air and the sunlight
Are written in each line


My daddy’s work was hard
His furrowed face reveals
While lines of kindness from his eyes
Show the love he feels

And Mama’s face remembers
The love that she’s bequeathed         
And the lines upon her face
Are from smiles she gave to me

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