8. Hot Summer Day  -  ©  Anne B. Wilson 2010

One of my children, awakening to the wonders of biology,
once enthusiastically told me, "People just don't get excited enough
about photosynthesis!  I have to agree.  This lazy little song contrasts
the apparent lethargy of a hot summer afternoon to the breakneck pace
of growth invisibly occurring within all the plants.


It's about three o'clock on a hot summer day
Even the flies are asleep in the shade
The cottonwood leaves are dancing real slow
While their seeds drift on down to the meadow below

The primrose is sunning her petals of white
To fold 'em up later when day turns to night
The tadpoles are napping at the edge of the stream
The dog's hind legs tremble as he runs in his dreams

The cattle are lyin in the shade of an elm
Digesting their breakfast of grass for a spell
Together the horses both stand head to tail
A swishin each other -  to keep flies away

But while everyone else is just lyin around
The plants are all growin up out of the ground
Turnin sunshine and soil and water to green
Buildin their roots and their stems and their leaves  

Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky
Volume 1 Songs of the Kansas Flint Hills
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