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#4 Land of the Great Osage
© words & music by Annie Wilson

Album Notes:  A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of working with
members of the Osage Nation on an education project.  With this song, I try to
honor this inspiring group of people and their remarkable culture - from which
we could all learn a great deal.  Native people are still here, and they are doing
wonderful things.

VIDEO - Music video slideshow with photos of Osage Nation people and


Children of the Middle Waters - We-come to give you praise
And share the inspiration of - your wisdom and your ways
Your stories and your spirit - help others understand
To seek a purpose in this life - connected to the land

   You are the Wahzhazhe
   Bravely facing change
   And-a-future for your people in                
   The land of the Great Osage                

Eagle led you from the Stars - to branches of the Oak
Then Great Elk’s fur and body - formed the grass and land below
Your clans can trace their origins - From water, land, or sky
And feel a great connection - to every form of life

The dawn will find you facing east - In thankfulness and prayer
For all the beauty of the world - Each-day will let you share
You teach that every life fulfills a meaning and a purpose
You do your best to live each day - With honor and in service


Loyalty to family - and children is your guide
Your honor for all elders - makes age a source of pride
You hold up your traditions - Of food and dance and drum
In great humility you call - Yourselves the “Little Ones”

You form a true community - Where all can have a role
Struggling to form and reach - A set of common goals
Pawhuska, Oklahoma is - the Heart of your great nation
The center of your language and culture’s preservation