3.  The Moon Can Take Me Home - ©  Anne B. Wilson 2010

Whenever I've been homesick far away and look up to see
the moon, I always think of how that same moon is shining on my prairie
home, and I'm somehow comforted by the connection.  Beautifully sung
by Carl, this song recounts the thoughts of a homesick traveler gazing at
the moon and recalling the beauty of his Flint Hills home.


Oh I'm dreaming tonight of the prairie
Where the cattle drift along the hills of green
And your horse & you can go where no signs of people show
And every breath of air is sweet and clean

Lots of people like the forests and the cities
But my prairie roots just never seem to grow
Where trees and buildings reach so high you can scarcely see the sky
And there's people everywhere you want to go

But the moon can take me home
Where my memories were grown
In my mind I see the place I want to be
I still know it's shining on the place where I belong
On the tallgrass prairie where my heart is free

I remember how the sun set fills the prairie
And coyotes sing the evening hills to sleep
Where the meadowlark's sweet cry seems to linger in the sky
And moonlight gives the Earth a silver sheen

Back home the springtime fires light the prairie
So in summer grass will grow up to the sky
Then the autumn hills of gold turn to winter's rusty cold
How I missed those Flint Hills when I said goodbye     

Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky
Volume 1 Songs of the Kansas Flint Hills
Moon photo top right by Ron Klataske;
other photos by Annie Wilson
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