Disc B-10.  Neighbor’s When You Care
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  In rural areas where “neighbor” is a verb (“They neighbor
with us”), this word connotes a tradition of cooperative effort going back to
the days of barn-raisings and threshing crews, as well as mutual care and
comfort on a personal level.  The characters in this little song are a
composite of excellent folks I’ve been fortunate enough to have as


It might just be her cookies   or a little slice of cake
A stop to see a shut-in   it’s just the time she takes
She’ll hold a baby shower    for the children that are born
Or if you lose a loved one    she’ll hold your hand to mourn

We’re lucky that she lives so close  She’s someone we can trust
Neighbor’s not just what she is,  Neighbor’s what she does.          
He’s busy with his farming   raising crops and hay and steers
But finds the time to neighbor    with the families that are near
If someone’s had an accident    or laid up sick in bed
He’ll help to get their crops in    help keep their cattle fed

We’re lucky that he lives so close  He’s someone we can trust
Neighbor’s not just what he is,  Neighbor’s what he does.          

Our neighbors get together    for a picnic once a year
We meet and greet each other   keep friendships that are dear  
Toss horseshoes and play music    and watch the setting sun
Tell stories of the days gone by   and watch the kids have fun

We’re lucky that they live so close  They take the time to share
Neighbor’s not just what you are  Neighbor’s when you care      
Photos by Susan Pogany and Annie Wilson
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