Disc B-8.  Pocket World
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  Little children are shorter and operate on an open schedule,
so they often stop to closely examine things on the ground that we grown-
ups ignore.  Sometimes I have sense enough to act like a child, to stop
and kneel or even lie down in the prairie, get in close, and actually see the
wonders there before me.


In a tiny hollow pocket  in a hillside limestone shelf
A little island tuft of grass grows all by itself
Atop the highest shoot, a tiny spider makes her way
Cross-a quiv’ring green oasis  where she’ll spend this summer day

The lime-green spider moves her legs in perfect graceful flow
As she tiptoes through her canopy of grasses in the stone
The sunlight glints her shiny back, her pinpoint yellow eyes  
Look out beyond her island home across the clear blue sky
 We love the highest hilltops where the grandest views are found
 But there’s wonder & there’s beauty here before us all around
 In little tiny pocket worlds across the prairie land
 With miracles of nature that would fit inside our hands

Someday the little spider will send out her silvery thread
To leave her pocket home to find another one instead
She’ll sail above her forest of feathered Indian Grass
On to new worlds and the destiny that she will know at last.    


In a tiny hollow pocket in a hillside limestone shelf
A little island tuft of grass grows all by itself
Like a child who sees magic when he opens up his eyes
You can go and lie beside it and dream yourself inside
Photos by Annie Wilson
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