Reasons for Home – © Annie Wilson 2005

Note:  This is just an early collage of my favorite things
about living in the Flint Hills.


The striped turkey feather by the tracks of a coon
The butterfly milkweeds on the hillsides in June
The soft purple glow of the redbuds in bloom
The young coyote’s siren to the bright quarter moon
     The splash of my dog as he jumps in the creek
     Then shakes himself off all over my feet
     The gentle clean sound of the creek water flow
     These are the reasons I call this place home

The sway and the rhythm as my horse moves along
His shiny black coat and his muscles so strong
The bittersweet smell of the leather and sweat
It’s the best place to be -  that I know of yet
     The brown dots of cattle beneath sun rise
     The shimmer of dew on the grass till it dries
     The blue pitcher sage in the fall Indian grass
     This is the place where I’ll let my years pass

The cloud shadows racing across the green hills
The ancient stone spearhead we found in the field
The meadow sweet smell of a new bale of hay
A thunderhead building on a hot summer day
     The fireflies flashing in the dark summer night
     The moon breaking through a dark stormy sky
     The hoot owl’s clear call in the evening’s pink glow
     These are the reasons I never will go
The buckeyes in flower in the first days of spring
The long lonesome whistle of a hawk on the wing
The doe’s gentle glide as she clears the top wire
The crackle and blaze of a night prairie fire

     The church baby shower and the young mother’s eyes
     As she kisses her baby and the ladies all sigh
     The old timer’s tales as he opens the past
     I know this is why in this place I will last
     Yes, these are the reasons I call this place home.
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