Disc A-3.  Sky Says to the Buffalo  
©Annie Wilson 2014         

Album Notes:  The American Bison’s unique adaptation to its
environment is reflected in this “conversation” with four elemental
forces of the prairie:  
sky, water, wind and grass.  It concludes with
the Native American giving thanks to his brother, the buffalo.


The sky says to the buffalo  That drift across the grass,
“Like shadows of my clouds you go  For days your herd will pass.”
The water tells the buffalo:  “Your leaders seek me out
They smell my creek or water hole  And save the herd from drought”

The sky and water, wind and grass,
The native people now long past,
All know --  the buffalo  
From times --  so long ago.

The wind will tell the buffalo:  “I’ll feed the flames of fire
Or freeze the winter air you breathe  As-my blizzard winds grow higher.
The grassland tells the buffalo:  You help my prairie live
Your wanderin’ grazing helps me grow  These grasses that I give        


The Indian tells the buffalo:  “You give us all our power
You help us feed our children  As sunlight grows the flower.”
He thanks the brother buffalo         That falls beneath his bow
For strength of spirit, tools of bone, Family, food, and home

Buffalo photos courtesy of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve,
National Park Service, Strong City, Kansas.  
Other photos by Annie Wilson.
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