This Was a Very Good Year - © Annie Wilson 2005

Note:  I heard a joke about an old farmer who said that in the
forty years he'd been farming, there were only 5 "normal"
years.  Well, 2005 was a really good "normal" year!  I knew at
the time how special it was, and truth is, we haven't had one
since.  I won't forget that year.


The rain is a’driftin from the low hanging cloud
The streams are a’swellin up healthy and loud
The cattle are lyin on their bed of deep green
The dust from their faces washed clean
This midsummer shower so sweet that it feels like a dream

    And the hot July winds have forgotten to blow
    The grasshoppers all moved away
    This sweet Kansas summer’s more like a long spring
    The night breezes blow cool and clear
    And we all will remember that this was a very good year

The corn in the bottom tassels deep dark and tall
The beanpods are filling up fastest of all
Their leaves broad and dark just to drink in the sun
And the rains still amazingly come
This fall when we harvest, the yields may be second to none


The prairie grass seedheads are shootin up high
They’re brushin my stirrups as we ride on by
Their deep roots are growin down solid and true
With wildflowers bloomin anew
A calico blanket of green purple yellow and blue  

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