Disc B-4. Wearin’ Our Cowboy Boots  
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  I love going into western stores and just looking at the rows
of colorful cowboy boots.  Besides always being in style, they provide an
enduring connection to our western heritage. Plus they’re just plain fun to


Way out in cattle country far from city streets
You can see a fashion statement on everybody’s feet
The toes are round or pointed the heels are low or high
The tops provide protection but that ain’t the reason why
 We just feel better when we’re wearin our cow-boy boots

We wear em ridin pastures and out to fix the fence
We wear em to the rodeo and after to the dance
They’re great on girls in dresses and men in fancy suits
Why wear a pair of shoes when you could wear a pair of boots
You’ll just feel better when you’re wearin  your cow-boy boots

Did-you know that in Wyoming- there’s a Cowboy Boot Museum
In every style and color lined up so you can see-‘em
There’s boots with fancy inlay of eagles and of hearts
From Mexico and Texas each one’s a work of art

Way out in west in Kansas on the trail to Santa Fe
The town of old Dodge City goes back to frontier days
And right outside of town there is a hill named after boots
Where lawmen buried outlaws, the poor and destitute
Who met their maker still wearin their cowboy boots

A hustler or a loser the real thing or a dude
You can tell a lot about a man from lookin at his boots
Plain or fancy stitchin, brand new soles or worn
Workin boots or dressy, leather smooth or torn
My boots can take me back to the days of Roy and Gene
Excitement and adventure in a wild western scene
Where cowboys and vaqueros  chase outlaws with-their loot
And every single one has on a pair of awesome boots
They just feel better when they’re wearin their cow-boy boots
We just feel better when we’re wearin our cow-boy boots
Photos by Annie Wilson
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