Disc A-11. Wildflower Reunion
© words & music by Annie Wilson 2014

Album Note:  Early spring brings the joyful return of life, growth
and spectacular color to the prairie.   When I see my favorite
wildflowers again each year, it’s almost like a family reunion!   
Similarly, the speaker in this song greets each species like dear
relatives at a family gathering.  However, this song contains only
24 wildflowers while the Flint Hills actually boast over 1000
blooming species!


From the first day of the spring when they reach for the sky
These prairie wildflowers add grace to our lives
We welcome their faces just like a lost friend
When-they leave, we can’t wait til they come back again

Why Hello,
White-eyed Grass, you’re the first to arrive
Your tiny white flowers bring-the pastures to life
And Hey,
Wildindigo - handsome and tall
A lot of folks say you’re their favorite of all

Wild Alfalfa, just how have you been
Keepin clear out of trouble, I’m hopin old friend
Why, there’s
Lead-plant and Bee Balm so pretty we whistle
Let’s give a big wave to that
Wavy Leaf Thistle

   It’s the sweetest reunion to see them again
   These prairie wildflowers are just like old friends

Catclaw Sensitive Brier - she’s shy to the touch
We try not to crowd in around her too much
Milk Vetch brought plums they call buffalo beans
We can have ‘em for snacks with our
New Jersey Tea

Hello Butterfly Milkweed, You’re sure lookin fine
That outfit you’re wearin just dazzles my eyes
There’s sweet
Rose Verbena and her bouquets of blue
Spiderwort’s leaves she can add to our stew

Prairie Wild Rose she loves tales of romance
Her flowers belong on a dress at a dance
Primrose in white looks about to be wed
She folds out her gown in the night before bed    


Hello pretty
Penstemon, you’re lookin well
We’re happy to see that you’re wearing your bells
There’s the
Coneflower sisters in Yellow and Pink
That fresh Prairie Clover just gave them a wink

Then down in the woods we see
Cardinal Flower
Her bright red dress glows in those dark shady bowers
Snow-on-the-Mountain with leaves white and
Some call her a weed but she looks like a queen  

Gayfeather blooms in a bright purple haze
Along with the tall showy blue
Pitcher Sage
Soon-the countryside’s shining with golden Sunflowers
And last the sweet Aster in fall’s final hour        

All photos by Annie Wilson except
Ground Plum Milk Vetch and Cardinal Flower by Iralee Barnard.
White-eyed Grass
Blue Wild-indigo
Wild Alfalfa
Wild Bergamot Bee-balm
Wavy-leaf Thistle
Cat-claw Sensitive-briar
Ground-plum Milk Vetch
New Jersey Tea
Butterfly Milkweed
Rose Verbena
Ohio Spiderwort
Prairie Wild Rose
Cobaea Beard-tongue (Penstemon)
Showy Evening-primrose
   Yellow Coneflower        
Purple Prairie-clover
Cardinal Flower
Dotted Gayfeather
Aromatic Aster
Blue Pitcher Sage
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