Performing at Bacon Ranch, Morris County, for Kansas Land Trust
Carole Brown and her amazing bass in Tomstone Studio recording with us on our 2007 CD
A late summer night jam on sidewalk in front of Derrick Doty's Barber Shop, Council Grove
Loren as Abraham Lincoln in front of Chase County Courthouse, Cottonwood Falls
Tom Forbes, producer of our 2007 CD, in his studio near Americus
Sue and Monty Smith at Victorian Spring Ball, March 2008, Cottonwood Falls
Waterfall and swimming hole
Instrument Banners (made by John Wilson) from Symphony on the Prairie
Butterfly Milkweed in the pasture in June
Cowboys shipping cattle at Five Oaks Ranch.
Tallgrass Express
"Pretty Boy Floyd"
"Home Sweet Home"
"Moon Can Take Me Home"
"Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky"
Las Casitas Travel Group
Flint Hills Retreat 2012 &
Tallgrass Express
Sponsored by
Kansas Chapter of the
Western Music Association.
Tallgrass Express sings
"Freedom Must Prevail"
by Carl Reed
Happy Birthday, Kansas!
& Other
LIKE Tallgrass
Express on
Bob Epp Senior Analyst in Johnson
County Community College's
Technology, made this vdeo to chronicle the
JCCC staff's 2014 trip to the Flint Hills.  
Bob used "Sky Saysto the Buffalo" from our
new CD as the background music for this
video!  For many years, Tallgrass Express
has performedfor these JCCC visitors.
Tallgrass Express was featured on
WIBW-TV News on July 5, 2014 in
connection with Carl and Annie's
performance at the Flint Hills
Discovery Center.
Sunflower Journeys "Music Venues":
includes Tallgrass Express music
along with lovely Flint Hills footage -
esp. Prairie Chickens, featuring all
Falls’ River Suite Dinner-Music
Event, at which we performed.
"Flint Hills Christmas Night" song (from new
2014 CD) put on You Tube by Miguel Angel
Diaz, great DJ who supports Western Music
on his station.  See
September 2014
CD Debut Concert Videos:

"Ten More Miles to Matfield"

"To the Sycamore Tree"

"Honeysuckle Morning"
Annie about Ranching and Prairie
Preservation (2015)

See more Flint Hills interviews for Dave's "Tallgrass
Prairie Preserve:  a Flint Hills Love Story"