NOTE: This 2007 album preceded our original Songs of the Flint Hills series.  It includes traditional songs and cover songs, with one original instrumental and six original vocal songs.

You can listen to ALL the songs on this album in the player on our STORE page.

Description:  The band’s second album presents 18 songs from the trio of Annie Wilson on guitar, Loren Ratzloff on banjo and dobro, and Charlie Laughridge on fiddle, joined in this recording by the talented Carole Brown, then of Matfield Green, on bass. Including traditional and cover songs, the album also features seven original songs: an instrumental by Charlie Laughridge, and new vocal songs by Annie (see Song Pages below).  (2007)

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Here are SONG PAGES for the 6 ORIGINAL VOCAL SONGS - by Annie Wilson 

- click on title for song page to LISTEN with Lyrics & album notes  

1.  Corner Post 

5.  Gathering the Wild Horses 

9.  Eyes of My Mind 

11.  Sweet Years

13. Ballad of Stiller Ben 

15. Grin Lines 


Charlie Laughridge - vocals, fiddle, concertina, mandoliln 
Loren Ratzloff - vocals, banjo, dobro, mandolin 
Annie Wilson - vocals, guitar 
Carole Brown - bass