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We are grateful to all the writers and journalists who have shared our story over the years.

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Band Features 

"Tallgrass Express Releases New Album”
Emporia Gazette 2014

“Captured in Music”
Bobbi Mlynar - Emporia Gazette 2010

“Songs of the Flint Hills”
Joe Stumpe - Wichita Eagle 2010

“Tallgrass Express String Band”
Cheryl Unruh - Emporia Gazette 2009

Band Member Features 

"Local man sings of tallgrass prairie in bluegrass band" (profile Carl Reed)
Ron Wilson - Manhattan Mercury 2014

“Lawyer turned musician sings of Flint Hills, ranching”
Ron Wilson - Manhattan Mercury 2014

"Flint Hills Balladeer Shares Ranching Songs”
Farm Talk Newspaper 2014

“Elmdale singer-song-writer celebrates Flint Hills history, culture”
Jan Biles - Topeka Capital-Journal 2013

“Mandolin Player Works Hard; Has Fun” (profile Jim Versch)
Jennifer Stultz - Marion County Record 2013

Kansas! Magazine 

"Creators of Culture - Tallgrass Express”
Kansas Magazine 2014

"Reasons We Love Kansas - Tallgrass Express”
Kansas Magazine 2010

CD Reviews 

“CD Review - Peace on the Prairie”
Rick Huff - Western Way Magazine 2021

"CD Review - Sky & Water, Wind Grass"
Rick Huff - Western Way Magazine 2014

"CD Review - Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky"
 Rick Huff - Western Way Magazine 2012

 "Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky - Review
Jim Hoy, Plains Folk (syndicated column) 2010

"Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky" - Review 
Don Koke - Director Flint Hills Folk Music Guild 2010


“Wilson, Connell to be honored ‘Friends of the Flint Hills”
Emporia Gazette 2020

“Wilson Wins Again at Winfield” 
 Emporia Gazette 2016

"Wilson Wins at Winfield"  
Emporia Gazette 2014

“Governor Names Elmdale's Annie Wilson ‘Flint Hills Balladeer’”
Emporia Gazette 2013

Special Songs 

“New Song Memorializes Flint Hills Rodeo Legacy” (“Margie Roberts - Trick Rider” song) 
Linzi Garcia - Emporia Gazette 2020 

“Song Creates Opportunity for Local Songwriter” 
Emporia Gazette 2020 

“Love of Dogs Leads to Award-winning Song for Flint Hills Balladeer” (“Doggie Paradise” song) 
("Doggie Paradise" song)
Emporia Gazette 2015 

“Annie Wilson - Holidays”
(“Flint Hills Christmas Night” song) 
Ron Wilson - (Radio Series) Now That’s Rural K-State Research and Extension News 2014 

“Wilson’s ‘Trail to Santa Fe’ Becomes Official Song of Santa Fe Trail Association” 
Chase County Leader-News 2014 

“Big Bluestem, King of the Prairie” 
 Iralee Barnard - Kansas Native Plant Society 2011 

Special Events 

“A Beautiful Evening for River Suite” 
Emporia Gazette - 2019 

“Wilson Brings Songs of Flint Hills to Coutts” 
Julie Clements - Butler County Times Gazette 2015 

“Tallgrass Prairie Visitors Center - Grand Opening” 
Emporia Gazette 2012 

“Tallgrass Express joins in Kansas 150th Birthday - Home on the Range Concert” 
Chase County Leader News 2011 

The Smithsonian Magazine 

“What Makes the Flint Hills a Sight to See” (includes interview/photo - Annie Wilson) 
Jeff MacGregor - Smithsonian Magazine 2018 

“Flint Hills Featured in Smithsonian Magazine” 
Rowena Platt - Marion Record 2018 

Blast from the Past: 

“Sidewalk Concert” - our first gig! 
Emporia Gazette 2004