Derrick Doty's Writing & Music

Enjoy the wonderful essays of our band member Derrick Doty in the Blog section on his website:  Flint Hills Fiddler, where he enjoys preserving and sharing traditional music of the Flint Hills and Kansas.

Derrick is the author of Morris County  (Arcadia Publishing, 2014).  This history of Morris County - located in the heart of the Flint Hills, is a scrupulously-researched and highly entertaining work with hundreds of fascinating photos.

Derrick is also a prolific composer, and has published Barber's Rant - Fiddle Tunes from the Flint Hills of Kansas (2011).  This is a beautifully-designed songbook filled with the musical scores of his original songs, and is delightfully embellished with a wealth of local lore and history. 

You can subscribe to Derrick on Patreon and help support his work: By becoming a patron you gain full access to all content including fiddle tutorials, classic banjo instruction, downloads, exclusive recordings, music history, and more!