© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  When I take our Toby for pasture walks, he never stops running and his tail literally goes in a circle the whole time.  He is ecstatic.  In this song, I try to imagine what he experiences with all his super-acute senses out on our little prairie adventures.

This song won First Place in Children's Songs in the 2015 Walnut Valley NewSongs songwriting contest. 

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Oh boy!   We’re goin walkin    
She’s lacin up her boots 
We’re headin for the pasture gate
It’s time for cutting loose 
No more layin round the yard     
We’re goin where it’s wild 
So much to smell and hear and chase    
I wear my doggie smile  

So many smells they’re hard to sort    
(sniff) rabbits came this way 
(sniff) A possum passed some time ago  
(sniff) coons were here today 
My ears are just on overload    
I hear coyotes, turkeys, hawks 
A deer cries deep down in the woods    
A great big heron squawks 

     I’m takin in the prairie    
     with my nose and ears and eyes 
     My tail just won’t stop waggin     
     I’m in doggie paradise 

Up ahead I see our pond    
It’s time to take a swim 
My people friend takes off her boots    
But I can jump right in 
I try to catch that bullfrog   
Dive down to find that fish 
This water feels so cool      
I’m in hot dog doggie bliss 

Then when I’m out and drippin    
I turn and start to shake 
The water flies off everywhere   
My friend she jumps away 
(sniff) I think I smell a badger   
but I’ll let him go his way 
Instead I’ll run and catch that bird    
Oh dang he flew away 


I leap above the tallest grass     
then dig down in the stones 
I’m try’n to find what critter     
calls this little hole his home 
Then I see afar off - something white   
along the trail towards home 
Why Holy Roly Poly    
It’s a great big old cow bone! 

This feels like Christmas then I see   
The real cream-de-la-cream 
The freshest pile of cow manure
in all your wildest dreams 
It’s rock and roll time baby   
And I’m on it in a flash 
I rub that prairie dog perfume   
All up and down my back