© words by Annie Wilson. Music is traditioinal melody, heard in Leadbelly's "Boll Weevil"
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  Here's my ode to the original Recycler of the Prairie - a fun song to write, though challenging to find a rhyme for "metamorphosis"! 

This song won First Place in "Humor" 2014 in the Walnut Valley NewSongs songwriting contest. 

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Old Dung Beetle Bill’s a little black bug 
He’s a worker, so they say, 
He helps clean up the pastures 
And he makes it look like play 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung 

Old Bill will help improve your soil 
He’s the cattleman’s best friend 
He’ll fertilize and loosen dirt 
With the dung balls he digs in 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung 

Old Bill is quite a family man 
He’s devoted to his bride 
First they both roll up a dung ball 
Then she lays her eggs inside 
     They’re havin fun just rollin dung 

Bill’s mellow as his larvas grow 
And he gives that ball a kiss 
Bill doesn’t sweat the small stuff 
During meta-morph-o-sis 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung 

One day that ball breaks open 
When the larvas’ days are through 
And his children all come crawlin out 
They’re a pooper-scoopin troop 
     They’re havin fun just rollin dung 

Those millionaires and gamblers 
Old Bill’s still got ‘em beat 
He’s the ultimate “high roller” 
And his winnin’s he can eat 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung 

Bill’s menu it’s all local 
And he never has to wait 
Cause when it’s time for his next meal 
It plops down on his plate 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung 

Next time you’re on the prairie 
Glancin’ down as you walk by 
You just might get to see Bill down there 
Workin’ on a pie 
     He’s havin fun just rollin dung!