© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  This song attempts to capture the peaceful imagery and atmosphere of this most special of winter evenings in the Flint Hills.  We incorporated instrumental phrases from some of our favorite Christmas carols between verses.

This video shares Flint Hills wintertime photos to illustrate this song.

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The deep red buckbrush berries   
The cedar’s forest green 
The frosting of new-fallen snow
In the moonlight’s silver gleam 
In these grasslands half a world away
From Bethlehem’s far hills 
The stars still shine their light to tell
Of kindness and good will 

(Instrumental:  Oh Little Town of Bethlehem) 

The upland pastures empty  
The yearlings shipped and gone 
The prairie grass lies dormant  
Asleep the winter long 
The cows are in the lowlands  
Bedded ‘neath the spreading oaks 
The whitetail doe beside her fawn  
There nestled in her coat 

    God’s peace lies here before us 
    In these gentle hills of white 
    In the beauty and the comfort of 
    This Flint Hills Christmas night 

(Instrumental: Good King Wenceslas) 

The horses gaze the moonlight  
And bend to eat some hay 
They take their winter rest and wait  
For rides in warmer days 
The saddles and the bridles
And chaps are in the barn 
The blankets in the tack room  
Keep the baby kittens warm 


(Instrumental:  Joy to the World) 

The coyote mother lifts her head   
To sing her winter song 
It echoes cross the hilltops:   
As she holds the last note long 
The parents in the ranch-house   
Tuck their children in for night 
With a story to remind them   
To be thankful and be kind 


(Instrumental:  Silent Night)