© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album notes:  Although I try to think before I speak, sometimes I will say something which later makes me want to crawl in a deep hole, cringing with regret. This song expresses that painful remorse in the voice of a cowgirl lamenting her own foolish words.

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I’m feelin’ awful rough today
   embarrassed and ashamed 
My horse can even tell it,
    I wish I could explain 
Cause yesterday I let some
    nasty critters get away 
Those thoughtless words I spoke to you
    I wish I didn’t say 
I’d like to round up all those foolish words
    I said to you my friend 
I’d cut ‘em from the herd
    and then I’d ship ‘em back again 

I’m squirmin’ in my saddle -
    wish’t I could run away 
Those words caused me more worry
    than a mean old crazy stray 
I’d like to catch those foolish words
    and take ‘em back again 
I’d rope ‘em right around the neck
    and run ‘em in the pen 
I’d load ‘em on the truck & then
    I’d ship ‘em way down south 
And next time be more careful
    ‘fore they ever left my mouth 

You’ll never understand
    I had a positive intention 
Just an innocent off-hand remark
    I quickly thought to mention 
But the minute those words left my mouth
    I realized the way 
That other folks might take ‘em -
    which I never meant to say 
I didn’t mean ‘em like it sounds-
    I guess I never thought 
I wish I could corral those words
  so I could get ‘em caught 

I hope that you’ll forgive me
    and I hope that you’ll forget 
So our friendship won’t be broke …
    By those foolish words I spoke