© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album Notes:  My father-in-law told me this delightful story of how he and Grandma met by happenstance over 50 years earlier.  They were both such hard workers, we all love imagining them as carefree young people, finding love and starting their lives together.  Life is full of serendipity.

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They were bumping down the gravel road
in the early evening light 
My Grandma and her sister
driving to the dance that night 
They drove a two-door Plymouth
made in nineteen-thirty-four 
Grandma tried to keep the dust off
the brand new dress she wore 

They heard a bang, the car veered right,
and then that dreaded sound: 
The right front tire was hissing
as it settled to the ground 
But these farm girls knew tools
and they were setting up the jack 
When they heard another vehicle
approaching from the back 

A man jumped out and walked up
and said he’d lend a hand 
He quickly had the car up;
his arms were strong and tan 
As he talked about his farming
in the valley to the west 
He stole a few quick glances
at young Grandma in her dress 

He said that he was headed
to the dance that night himself 
And hoped that he would see her there
though he couldn’t dance so well 
She told him that would be nice
and the rest is history 
They were married one year later
and began their family 

They settled in that valley
with good neighbors all around 
Raising crops and hogs and cattle
on that fertile prairie ground 
Four-generations of their children now,
& the number’s getting higher 
Are all upon this earth today
‘cause of Grandma’s old flat tire