© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album Notes:  The Flint Hills contain the largest remnant of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem in North America. Their vast, smooth horizons are some of the most beautiful in the world. Only 4% is left,  and these priceless vistas are still under constant threat:  from industrial wind developments, cell towers, power lines, houses on hilltops, even invasive woody species. Yet thanks largely to responsible ranchers, there are still places where the prairie horizon is as it was many centuries ago - timeless and deep - therapeutic and inspiring to us all.

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Let me take you to a land - like the one where time began 
We can look out where the hilltops meet the sun 
Follow me we’ll climb up high - where the grasses reach the sky 
And we’ll touch the heavens when our day is done 

     This Flint Hills horizon always carries me 
     On a journey to the past on this vast prairie sea 
     And it ends in a place where wild things still grow free 
     This healing horizon comforts me 

There’s a place that we can go - where the world is turned down low 
Where prairie and sky are all you see 
No houses, towers or trees - the land is like it used to be 
And the prairie creatures still are roaming free 


When we feel we’re losing hope - there’s a place that we can go 
Where fires still keep the prairie hilltops clean 
This place might be the last - where we can see into the past 
Where prairie Earth is peaceful and serene