© words & music by CARL REED
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  Carl’s lyrics celebrate Kansas in this lively song that is a ball to play!  He includes some real nuggets of our state’s culture and climate.  From Kansas City fountains to limestone fence-posts, from sizzling summers to windblown blizzard snow, from lonely cowboys to pretty cowgirls…he’ll get your toes a-tappin’!

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I’d like to celebrate my state with you good people 
It’s a state of which I’m rightly proud 
Full of wide-open spaces and magical places 
I’ll gladly sing its praises long and loud 
When folks remember their vacation trip to Denver 
And the longest stretch of road they’d ever seen 
From the Kansas City fountains to the Colorado mountains 
Well, Kansas is that farm that’s in between 

    And the snow never melts out here in Kansas 
    At least that’s what us Kansas people say 
    The wind just blows it back and forth 
            from Oklahoma to Nebraska 
    And it never melts, just kinda’ wears away 

The cowgirls sure are pretty out in Kansas 
With golden hair and gentle country ways 
Which is quite an inspiration out in this part of the nation 
Where a cowboy might not see a girl for days 
A lonely cowboy will often get to dreamin’ 
‘Bout those cowgirls, and the best part of his dream 
Is how they fits into their britches, which is true, the only hitch is 
That they’re just so doggone few and far between. 


The summers sure are hot out here in Kansas 
That’s why Kansas things are always special-made 
‘Cause the sun is gonna bake it and we know it’s gotta take it 
All those days when it’s a hundred in the shade 
That’s why Grandpa made his fenceposts out of limestone 
‘Cause he knew a limestone post was gonna stay 
When the wind howled for ages and the sun beat down like blazes 
And those wooden posts dried up and blowed away