© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album Notes:  A few years ago, I had the privilege of working with members of the Osage Nation on an education project.  With this song, I try to honor this inspiring group of people and their remarkable culture - from which we could all learn a great deal.  Native people are still here, and they are doing wonderful things.

This song won a First Place in "Better World" 2020 Walnut Valley NewSongs songwriting contest.

Learn more about the fascinating Osage Nation  - past and present - in these outstanding educational materials for all ages on the Osage Nation website.  


Children of the Middle Waters
We-come to give you praise 
And share the inspiration of
your wisdom and your ways 
Your stories and your spirit
help others understand 
To seek a purpose in this life
connected to the land 

   You are the Wahzhazhe 
   Bravely facing change 
   And-a-future for your people in 
   The land of the Great Osage 

Eagle led you from the Stars
to branches of the Oak 
Then Great Elk’s fur and body
formed the grass and land below 
Your clans can trace their origins
From water, land, or sky 
And feel a great connection
to every form of life 

The dawn will find you facing east
In thankfulness and prayer 
For all the beauty of the world
Each-day will let you share 
You teach that every life fulfills
a meaning and a purpose 
You do your best to live each day
With honor and in service 


Loyalty to family
and children is your guide 
Your honor for all elders
makes age a source of pride 
You hold up your traditions
Of food and dance and drum 
In great humility you call
Yourselves the “Little Ones” 

You form a true community
Where all can have a role 
Struggling to form and reach
A set of common goals 
Pawhuska, Oklahoma is
the Heart of your great nation 
The center of your language
and culture’s preservation