© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  Carl’s beautiful song tells a story from the “great generation,” many of whom were forced by the war to settle for other than their first love.  Although the sad tale could apply equally to thousands of lives, this one took place in the northern Flint Hills.

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I remember the row of tomatoes 
That always ripened on her window sill 
And the smell of the goodies she made us 
In the years before Grandma took ill 
Most of all I remember the letters 
That we found ‘neath her pillow that day 
And the way that they made us feel better 
When the good lord called Grandma away 

     Letters that told of a love that she shared 
     Back when the world was young 
     When her hazel eyes shown beneath light auburn            hair 
     When dreams were still gold as the sun 
     Letters we covered with ribbons of lace 
     So Grandfather never would know 
     That there in the casket beside her we placed 
     Those letters from long, long ago 

Then Dad remembered a picture she carried 
Of a soldier boy she loved before 
Before the years she and Granddad were married 
The one who was killed in the war 
And we knew things between her and Granddad 
Through the years had grown bitter and cold 
So with all of her golden dreams shattered 
All she had were those letters to hold 


On my mind the day of the funeral 
Were two lovers so young and so brave 
For a love that dies young is eternal 
Like the secret she took to her grave 
And there’s a never an end to the story 
And it never grows weary and old 
Cause it only lives in a memory 
And in letters from long, long ago 

Cause it only lives in a memory 
And in letters from long, long ago