© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  This song by Carl is one of our favorites. Besides having a catchy tune, it contains some real wisdom about finding out what really matters in “this little old life.”

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Everything about my daddy’s life was ordinary 
Fame and fortune never came his way 
The best thing that he ever had was the loving wife he married 
He’d hold my momma close and softly say 

  This little ol’ life, it just suits me fine 
  And this little ol’ house, well at least it’s mine 
  My little ol’ dreams have all come true 
  ‘Cause of little ol’ love and little ol’ you 

All the years my Daddy spent just trying to earn a living 
Are years that I spent trying to get ahead 
Struggling to be content with what I had been given 
And trying to believe the words he said    


Now from high atop my rocking chair I gaze out on the lessons 
That a lifetime of living’s meant to show 
How all I really needed was your love to bring me blessings 
And time, to make me wise enough to know