© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note : 
Written in the old ballad style, here’s the story of a spunky cowgirl who fights back against the local bully. Is it truth or fiction?    I’m not saying!

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Illustration for this song by Flint Hills artist Terra Coons


Come gather round me children  
And a story you will hear 
About Mollie May the cowgirl
Who’s wrangled many-a steer 
A brave and spunky lady
A woman of few words 
And the cattle-owners trust in her To take care of their herds 

Mollie lives deep in the Flint Hills
Where the roads are far between 
Out in the open rangeland
Where folks are seldom seen 
She used to ride in rodeos  
Was several times the queen 
But now she rides for ranches  
She’s small & quick & lean  

Mean Max was just a bully  
A cruel and nasty drunk 
His horses all went hungry
And his yard was full of junk 
His neighbors learned to doubt
The boastful stories that he told 
He liked to frighten strangers  
Who happened down his road 

Max had a crush on Mollie
But she never liked him back 
So he tried to make her life a hell With cowardly attacks 
He’d sneak into her pastures  
And make her cattle scatter 
She’d find them lame & stressed  
wonder what could be the matter? 

     Oh Mollie, Mollie Mae   
     Just fight back,  
     Then you’ll have your day

Max opened Mollie’s gates until  
Her cattle all had strayed 
It took her weeks to sort out all  
The trouble that he made 
One day he finally went too far 
The lowest, meanest  act: 
He was cuttin wires in her fence!  
She saw it for a fact 

Mean Max was askin for it
He’d made his big mistake 
Cause Mollie May had taken all
The meanness she could take 
She jumped right off her horse &
Then she headed for that man 
A heavy pair of fencing pliers  
Raised in her right hand 

They tossed & tumbled on the ground
He hardly knew what hit him 
She had him pinned and cryin out And promising he’d quit it 
The neighbors saw the whole thing
And they swear that to this day 
They never thought a girl her size Could fight and win that way 


Mean Max was so ashamed that Soon  he moved back into town 
The countryside is safe again
For folks to drive around 
Max’s dirty tricks are over  
Mollie’s life is trouble-free 
She takes care of her cattle now  
In peace and harmony