© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky

Album note:  This tongue-in-cheek children's song is dedicated to all,  young and old, who love to get out on foot and experience the prairie.  We know that especially at evening time, it is a thoroughly entertaining place to be - and a great way to cleanse your mind of the day's worries.  To the occasional dismayed urbanite who asks, "What do you DO out there?" - this is an attempt to explain.

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Let's slip into our evening wear
of hiking boots and jeans 
And walk up to the hills to make
the prairie night life scene 
This night out on the prairie,
it's just the place to be 
It's a walk out on the wild side,
and the tickets in are free 

Our prairie evening party has
a guest list miles long 
Of critters who all come to life
when evening's comin' on 
Our hostess is the hoot owl
perched high up on a limb 
She's calling out to all her friends:
"Who-who's a'comin in?" 

The bobcat's out a'prowlin,
the rabbit's on the run 
The coyote pups are howlin
and stirrin up some fun 
The coons down on the creekbank,
the badger's by her den 
The possum's hangin upside-down
and the bats are on the wing 

The sunset is our movie,
our theatre is the sky 
The coyotes sing the soundtrack
as we go strollin by 
The settin sun now paints the hills
a dreamy reddish glow 
In a gall'ry of the finest art
they'd call this Best of Show 

The nighthawks do their nosedive
and swoop again up high 
They're flyin acrobatics
like a circus in the sky 
The sunset turns the lights down low
to let the romance start 
The froggies & the crickets sing
to win their darlins' hearts 

We finally have to head home
though the party's going strong 
Our worries and our troubles now
are over with and gone 
We look back one more time to see
those hilltops from afar 
Our prairie evening party's filled up
with a thousand stars 

This night out on the prairie,
it's just the place to be 
It's a walk out on the wild side
and the tickets in are free!