© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album Notes: This song attempts to capture the beauty and peace of that special time:  the end of the day on the tallgrass prairie when the sky and the earth - everything - feels right. 

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The distant hills are glowing in the sunset’s magic light  
Against the sun the grasses shine in iridescent white  
The wind is lying down to rest, the air is growing cool  
Each wildflower bloom is lit up like a prairie jewel  

   There is peace on the prairie - We can feel it deep inside  
   Peace on the prairie - We can see it in the sky  
   The waters flow, the grasses grow - Everything feels right  
   There is peace on the prairie - tonight  

The pond below reflects the changing colors of the sky  
Silver pink and orange turn to turquoise in the light  
The distant coyote sings his song to welcome in the night  
A Great Blue Heron slowly glides across the evening sky  


The cattle on the hillside are belly deep in grass  
Heads down low and grazing as they’re slowly inching past  
Tall grass covers all the world as far as we can see  
From the hilltops to the meadow with its gentle winding stream    


 Artist Susan Rose created 12 paintings to illustrate the images in this song's lyrics.  Hear the song combined with Susan's paintings in this 
MUSIC VIDEO (by Dave Kendall, Prairie Hollow Productions).