© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album notes:  I wrote this song in 2017 - on the 150th anniversary of the Chisolm Trail.  This song is patterned off the real life “Old Blue,” the lead steer of Charlie Goodnight.  Even here on our ranch, when we 
move cattle, there is always one steer who takes the lead, and the others naturally follow.  A lot like people!

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My long-horns are seven feet wide 
I’m eight feet from front to the rear 
My color is red from my tail to my head 
I am:    Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

I lead thousands of half-wild longhorns 
From Texas to Kansas each year. 
They follow my tail up the old Chisolm Trail 
Cause I’m:    Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

     When-the drovers discovered my talents 
     They took me back home that first year. 
     There’s a job to be done and they know I’m the one 
     Cause I’m:    Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

Some herds are plumb wild and crazy 
Start runnin’ at each sound they hear 
But-there’ll be no stampede - with me in the lead 
Cause I’m:    Rusty the trusty lead steer 

In storms I will stay calm and steady 
Though lightning may cause some to fear 
I’ll follow the trail through the thunder and hail 
Cause I’m:    Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

     When we come to the draws and the canyons 
     Some are skittish and scared to go near 
     But they know I’m the boss and I’ll take them across 
     Cause I’m:    Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

I know where to cross on each river 
Where the channels and current are clear 
I know how to swim and I’m first to jump in 
Cause I’m:   Rusty - the trusty lead steer - BUT. . . 

My trail-drivin’ days are now finished 
No longer I’ll walk the frontier 
These days with the drovers are finally over 
For:   Rusty - the trusty lead steer 

     So they’ve made me a home in the pasture 
     After leadin’ their herds for ten years 
     Yes, I’ve earned them a bank-full and so they are thankful 
     For:   Rusty - the trusty lead steer