© words & music by Annie Wilson 
from CD Peace on the Prairie

Album Notes:  This plant is one of several exotic species seriously threatening the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.  Its resistance to fire, unpalatability to cattle, and prodigious seed production make it nearly immortal, outcompeting the native species.  Ranching is hard enough anyway.  This species is now cursing ranchers with an endless battle - giving many of them the blues!

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It’s hard enough to say it - Impossible to spell 
But once your pasture has it - You’ll think you’ve gone to hell 
The cattle they don’t like it - You’ll wonder what you’re gonna do 
You’ll wish you never got those - Sericea Lespedeza blues 

They brought it in from Asia - They thought it was the best 
But now it’s a disaster - A giant eco-mess 
They started an invasion - It seems we never will undo 
We’ve got the lousy noxious - Sericea Lespedeza blues 

When I found it in my pasture - my heart went through the floor 
I knew if I had one plant - I’d have a hundred more 
It’s crowding out my grasses - I don’t know what I’m gonna do 
I wish I never got these - Sericea Lespedeza blues 

Burning in the fall - Spot-spraying every plant 
Grazing goats and sheep - Might give us a chance 
The bugs don’t even like it - It’s resistant to diseases, too 
It’s really hard to fight those - Sericea Lespedeza blues 

We maybe think we’ve killed one - But it makes a million seeds 
So next year we may find - An even bigger patch of weeds 
The cattle never graze it - it’s even drought-resistant, too 
It’s really tough to have these - Sericea Lespedeza blues 

You can’t try to ignore it - Or just leave it alone 
Or in a few short years you’ll find - Your pasture’s overgrown 
You have to hunt and stop it - If not, it’s certain you will lose 
You’ll wish you never heard those - Serecia Lespedeza blues 

Maybe someday we will learn - To leave Mother Earth alone 
Keep out exotic species - Just let the natives grow 
The kind of help we give her - Poor-Mother Nature cannot use 
I hope someday we kick these - Sericea Lespedeza blues