© words & music by Annie Wilson
from CD Sky & Water, Wind & Grass

Album Note:  Matfield Green, Kansas, has to be one of the most unique communities in the country.   This song sings the praises of Matfield through the voice of a returning resident anxious to reach home.  Learn more  at Matfield Green Works.

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This two-lane highway takes me
into far-off hills of blue 
Inside a dreamy landscape   
full of distant views. 
I see the sparkling Cottonwoods
by fields of fertile ground 
While tallgrass prairie meets the sky
on hilltops all around. 

Stone walls line the highway
and cattle graze the hills. 
A long train in the valley
rolls by on rails of steel. 
On the hill in giant letters
in stones laid out by hand: 
The sign that spells our town name
is made out of the land. 

   I got ten more miles to  Matfield.
   I think I’m getting close. 
   The tallgrass prairie’s waving
    “Welcome home!” 
    Just ten more miles to Matfield
    Matfield Green my home, 
    That village in the Flint Hills,
    the sweetest home I know. 

We got cowboys cowgirls, truckers chewers,
artists writers thinkers doers, 
And every single one   
just broke the mold. 
But together we all know
our little pot of gold 
Is living in this town
that we call home. 

Cattle drives in early days
from pastures out afar 
Came right-through town to stockyard pens
to load on railroad cars. 
Today it’s still a village,
no traffic and no malls, 
But we know all of our neighbors
and we care for one and all