© words & music by Derrick Doty
from the CD Music of the Emma Chase 

Note:  This is such a sweet and sincere song of young love.  Soon after our album came out, its songwriter Derrick Doty fell in love, courted, and eventually married his young wife, Kelsie.

Derrick calls it a “prophetic song.” He writes:  "Everyone always asks:  'Is it about Kelsie?' Well, yes and no.  I wrote it before I ever met Kelsie.  It was not written for anyone in particular, but it strangely enough fits me and Kelsie like a glove.  So I think it is a prophetic song.” - Derrick Doty, Barber’s Rant.

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My little girl, I love you so. 
More than your heart will ever know. 
I pray that you will marry me, 
And all my love, I’ll give to thee. 

I know your heart is very true 
That’s why my dear, I wait for you. 
Won’t you believe me when I say, 
My heart is true, I’ll never stray. 

My little girl, you are so young; 
But I know, you are the one. 
That’s why I wait, for you sweetheart; 
I’ll marry you, we’ll never part 

I’ll sing for you, a song of love; 
a song you taught, to me my dove. 
We’ll sing together, that ancient sound; 
We’ll sing of all the love we’ve found. 

Still I’ll love, and ne’er forsake you’ 
Even when, my life is through. 
I’ll be waiting up in heaven, 
When the angels bring you, too.